Définition Burnout et recommendations du traitement du burnout

  • Il y a plusieurs définitions, mais pas de consensus.
  • Notre définition: Burnout is a work-related stress reaction leading to a persistent, negative state of mind in "normal" individuals that is primarily characterized by exhaustion, which is accompanied by distress, a sense of reduced effectiveness, decreased motivation, and the development of dysfunctional attitudes and behaviours at work, Burnout shows on the somatic level by dysregulation of neuroendocrine stress regulation mechanisms which may present with vegetative symptoms. This physiological condition develops gradually but may remain unnoticed for a long time by the individual involved. It results from a misfit between the person an the job concerning six strategic areas: workload, community, support, values, fairness and control. When an imbalance exists in one or more of these areas, the individual‘s resources no longer suffice to deal with the circumstances at work. Often burnout is self-perpetuating because of increasingly inadequate coping strategies that are associated with the syndrome.

Traitement du burnout

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